More Hawaii Newspapers online

Librarian Martha Chantiny, who serves as head of the UH-M Library's Desktop Networking Services, reports that an additional round of late 19th- and early 20th-century Hawaii newspapers has been added to the Library of Congress' open-access "Chronicling America" site, where they are now full-text searchable. Hamilton Library's ongoing work on this project is funded by a substantial grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. For more on the project, click here. For more on researching in early Hawaii newspapers (both English and Hawaiian language) see also this previous blog entry.

Twelve Hawaii titles are now indexed in Chronicling America:

Austin's Hawaiian weekly. June 17, 1899  through May 12, 1900 

The Daily bulletin.  Feb. 1, 1882 through June 30, 1894 

The daily herald. Sept. 1, 1886 through July 30, 1887

Daily Honolulu press. Sept, 1, 1885 through June 30, 1886

The Democrat. Oct. 25, 1910 through Nov. 8, 1910

Evening bulletin. May 5, 1895 through Aug. 31, 1897

The Hawaiian gazette. March 3, 1877 through Dec. 30, 1913

The Honolulu republican. June 14, 1900 through Jan. 8, 1902
The Honolulu times.  Oct. 1, 1902 through Feb. 2, 1911

The Independent. June 24, 1895 through Oct. 24, 1905

The Independent. May 1, 1895 June 15, 1895

Saturday press.  Sept, 4, 1880 through Aug. 29, 1885 


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